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Magnificant Mural Mosaics (5 Total)

What's completely amazing about these murals is that it unites hundreds of artists together to create one unified masterpiece. Started in 2004 by Lewis Lavoie, Phil Alain and Paul Lavoie, mural mosaics are assembled after taking a single painting from an individual and placing it in sequence. (The painters have to is adhere to some color and shape guidelines.) I love the collaborative nature of these paintings. Viewed as a standalone piece, each piece of art can be appreciated. But a surprise awaits when you step back and see the collective masterpiece. Above, Michelangelo's Adam was created by Lewis Lavoie live. Its title is One Blood, Many Nations. Watch the video here. (Adam was created just by Lewis Lavoie.)

Mural Mosaic invited 270 artists to celebrate the centennial of Alberta and Saskatchewan , Buffalo Twins Mural Mosaic was created. It is unveiled for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The “Canadian wildlife artist community” participates in “Earths Treasure Chest” Mural Mosaic. The funds raised: $45,860 for Canadian Parks & Wilderness.

Mural Mosaic invites the “Equine artists community” to participate in “Le Cadeau Du Cheval -The Horse Gift” Mural Mosaic. They create a mosaic made up of famous war horses and famous race horses, among others.

A Children's Program fund-raiser for the Art's & Heritage Foundation of St. Albert. 216 original paintings, created by over 130 artists who came together not knowing what the final image would be. The participating artists were asked to paint something that inspires them growing up in St. Albert. The Mural was unveiled December 2nd, 2004. Mural Mosaic website

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