Africa’s Multi-Level Floating Hotel with an Underwater Room

The Manta Resort is a beautiful, multi-room hotel that sits on the Indian Ocean island of Pemba. The spectacular getaway offers not only a place to rest your head for the night, but also some truly breathtaking views from its unique, underwater room. The floating structure, made of local hardwood, offers three levels of viewing for visitors to absorb the scenic environment from above, below, and at sea level.

Designed by Mikael Genberg of the Swedish company Genberg Underwater Hotels, The Manta Underwater Room is essentially a private architectural island that floats off the east coast of Africa, offering an awe-inspiring view of the surrounding landscape and marine life. With a bedroom located four meters below the surface, visitors are given a unique perspective of the plentiful presence of aquatic creatures swimming past and clinging onto the panoramic windows.

Whether you choose to climb the ladder to the top deck of the floating room to soak up some sun, stay at sea level to relax in the lounging area, or descend to the lower quarters to view the exotic reef fish, it's sure to be an experience to remember. One could even dive from the top deck into the water or simply go scuba diving around the architectural structure. The possibilities for relaxation or adventure is entirely up to the guest.

The Manta Resort website
Genberg Underwater Hotels website
All images courtesy Genberg Art UW Ltd and photography credits: Jesper Anhede.

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