July 14, 2021

Iceland Hotel Room Phone Has a Button to Request a Wake-Up Call When the Northern Lights Are Visible

Iceland is a fantastic place to see the Northern Lights, but you’re not always guaranteed to be at the right place at the right time. Since the aurora borealis shines at any time of night, it can be hard to predict when the dazzling lights will appear. Luckily though, there’s one hotel in Iceland that offers a special “Northern Lights Wake-Up” call, so you’ll never miss the show.

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May 12, 2021

Mexican Boutique Hotel Features Gorgeous Brick Arches Made of Local Material

Located in Oaxaca, Mexico is Casona Sforza, a boutique hotel characterized by beautiful vaulted brick arches of varying heights. Located in the port town of Puerto Escondido, the hotel creates a new destination for tourists while highlighting local materials and crafts. Casona Sforza was designed by Mexican architect Alberto Kalach of TAX Architects and was commissioned by Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza, for whom the hotel is named.

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January 9, 2021

This Unique Luxury Hotel Is Camouflaged in the Grassy Nordic Landscape

If you have always wanted a cozy cabin getaway without sacrificing the perks of a fancy hotel, the Øyna Cultural Landscape Hotel in Norway may be the perfect fit. Green Advisers AS designed the unique building to blend into the hilly Nordic landscape. Its ambiguous form makes it hard to tell where the building begins and the natural landscape ends.

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