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Colorful Toy Cars Spiral to Form Stunning Portrait

This piece, entitled Driving Miss Crazy, consists of organized rows of toy cars spiraling into the form of a female figure. Created by Miss Bugs, the artist team–consisting of a London-born boy and a Wales-born girl who remain otherwise a bit anonymous–is known for interesting urban street art, and produce works that use all kinds of various mixed media materials. They draw inspiration from pop culture, superheroes, art history, and the styles of many artists including Mondrian, Koons, and Hirst.

In Driving Miss Crazy, these small, colorful toy cars are forever trapped in an eternal traffic jam. Using aerosol and silkscreen, Miss Bugs placed the patterns of precisely arranged toys into a 360 degree resin slab set upon a square block stand. Through this unique style of collage, the artists present their work as a form of repurposing the old into something new and original. Miss Bugs's bio states that their work “questions the very nature of the art establishment. It makes us question the ownership of ideas, working methods, and the relationship and knock-on effect that artists have with one another.”

Miss Bugs' website
via [Just Art]

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