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MTV’s Ultra-Modern Headquarters in Berlin (10 pics)

Are you looking at pictures of a boutique hotel? Not exactly. German creative agency Dan Pearlman redesigned the MTV Networks Headquarters in Berlin, making it one of the most modern office buildings we’ve ever seen! With wide open space, they clearly wanted MTV employees to enjoy a greater freedom of movement, thereby promoting a better work-life balance.

Creating an “axis of inspiration,” Pearlman opened up the entire center area of the first floor. The spacious atrium serves as a “Brand Garden” with seating for taking breaks or informal meetings, which can accommodate up to 250 employees.

At lunch time, employees have the option of eating at the Network Kitchen. Those that need to stimulate their brains can head to the Sports Lounge for table tennis or table football. Private retreat zones are also available for those who need a breather from busy life.

Would you like to work here?

Dan Pearlman’s website
via [contemporist]

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