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Painted Body Art Masterfully Cloaks People in Scenic Views

We recently marveled over Natalie Fletcher’s mind-bending body art, and we’re equally as impressed by her other nature-inspired paintings on people. Fletcher lives in Oregon, a state known for its organic beauty that’s found in the mountains and coastline. She’s translated these idyllic settings onto human canvases and cloaks her subjects in the surrounding landscape. Blue skies, forests, mountains, and beaches are all painted on and perfectly blended in.

If it weren’t for seeing subjects’ hair and facial features, it’d be hard to notice that anyone was in the picture at all. Fletcher does a fantastic job of painting and positioning people so that they mimic elements from the place and don’t disrupt its horizon line. Sometimes, she’ll be more playful with her work. One photo features a guy who has only a giant hole painted in his stomach. We can see through his torso and the trees behind him.

Fletcher is currently traveling the United States as part of her 100 Bodies Across America project. Her goal is to paint two bodies in every state. Follow along with the journey via her blog or Facebook.

Natalie Fletcher website
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