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Take a Virtual Tour of Every Inch of the New York Public Library’s Incredible Interior

New York Public Library Video Tour by Architectural Digest

Photo: YouTube

If you love the New York Public Library as much as we do, you’ll enjoy this detailed tour of the building by Architectural Digest. Created in collaboration with the Bryant Park Corporation, the video is a nearly 30-minute view into every nook and cranny of the beloved building.

Leading experts take us from the iconic exterior and its famed lion statues through the halls and rooms that house the incredible library collection. And, of course, no tour of the library would be complete without a detailed look at the Rose Reading Room, fresh off its two-year renovation.

Archival photographs help viewers not only see the library’s history, but understand some of the architectural styles that influenced its construction. Narrators include design historian Judith Gura, architectural historian Paul Ranogajec, and Keith Glutting, manager of the NYPL visitor volunteer program.

The tour also gives interesting insights into how the library functions and the storage solutions that have evolved for managing the large collection. Whether you’re a bibliophile, architecture buff, or simply interested in the history of New York, there’s a lot to learn throughout the course of the tour.

Learn about the hidden details of the New York Public Library in this guided tour by Architectural Digest.

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