Amazing Illusions of Single Flowers Defying Gravity

Don't be fooled, these flowers aren't actually floating in water! Japanese product design firm, Oodesign, developed these clever little vases as a fun way to show off your favorite buds. Shaped like a ripple of water, the clear PET formed resin plates give the illusion that the blooms have figured out how to defy gravity.

The lightweight vases have a small slit in the center, in which a single flower can be placed. The stems stick through the bottom, and directly into the larger bowl, so that the process of water absorption isn't interrupted. Within the container, each bud is free to move along the surface of the water rather than sitting in a large and sedentary arrangement. Oodesign elaborates: “The flower floats nonchalantly on the water, changing its position and appearance in accordance with the movement of the air.”

Oodesign website
via [Like Cool]

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