Big Me, Small Me: Thought-Provoking Self-Portraits

What would it be like if , one day, you woke up to find that your body had mysteriously grown or shrunken in size? While there have been countless movies based on this premise, we haven't quite seen it in photo series, at least, not like this. Enter Paul Armstrong. He's not just the photographer, he's also the one acting out each shot.

Armstrong's self-portraits are believable because he's put himself in ordinary situations, like reading a book on a couch or getting into his trusty Honda Civic. His dead-pan expressions give nothing away, and only make the series all the more interesting.

When asked why he took on this project, Armstrong told us that he wanted to challenge himself to “try something different.”

“I was going through quite a roller coaster in my life – in what I was doing for a career (web design and development), in my life as as a business owner, a father and a husband.

“I was confused and frustrated and grateful about so many things. Confused as to why I was garnering any attention for my silly photos. Frustrated that I could not figure out a way to turn it into a career and grateful that anyone even noticed what I was doing.

“I thought about what that meant conceptually, and if there was a way to visualize it. I felt out of step and out of place. Big and small. Extreme. So I tried doing these photos of me being small and helpless and everything oversized, as well as me very big and not fitting in with my surroundings.”

Paul Armstrong on Flickr

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