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LED Lights Illuminate Layers of Organic Forms on Glass

In these Illuminated Paintings by New York-based artist Peter Bynum, the traditional expectations of a standard painting are questioned and then broken. Bynum creates each work by splattering, dribbling, and dropping acrylic paint onto glass and allowing it to take on its own natural structure. He then mounts the panes of glass together to form layers of shapes that create a certain depth to the otherwise flat organic forms. The glass can be placed at various distances, some so close that they almost touch, while others separated by up to one inch.

The most original aspect of this work is that each painting is lit from behind by flat LED panels. The consistent, bright light shines through the colors and gives new life to the static objects. The lights can be adjusted by viewers with a remote control dimmer, which provides not only a visually captivating experience, but also an interactive one as well. Through his work, Bynum connects his viewers to the wonders of nature. Up close, the colorful blobs appear to be something you might see under a microscope. From a distance, the pieces are gorgeous landscapes, abstract representations of our natural environment.

Peter Bynum's website
via [Faith Is Torment]

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