Pictogram History Posters

After enjoying Viktor Hertz's pictogram movie and music poster series, we didn't think it was possible for someone to create another set as enjoyable. Then, we came across this series by H-57. The Milan, Italy-based design studio, who you may remember as the one behind the Star Wars typography posters, has come up with The History of [Blank] series that's equally creative and clever.

Why were they created? “The pictogram history posters were born out of an art-like collaboration with the website First Floor Under, which is a creativity and photography blog, a digital publishing house,” a representative from H-57 told us.

“We had the honor and the luck to be selected for the part concerning design and typography, and that's how H-57 started its section called Typodesign. The short stories made with pictograms were born from the idea of creating something funny and ironic, linked with the world of infographics.”

In case you were curious, the number “3” in the pictograms means raised to the power cubed. Each object which needed to be represented in larger quantities (for example: soldiers, spaceships, repeated actions and food), have that number attached to it.

Are there more on the way? “Yes, of course, this is just the beginning,” H-57 answered. “We want to create many of them to give our point of view on the most famous world stories. Unfortunately, the ones with tragic ending are the funniest and most interesting.

“I can give you two you can expect. Napoleon and Vlad Dracula are coming soon.”

H-57's website

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