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Artist Cuts Elaborate Designs With Astounding Details From Single Sheets of Paper

Paper Cut Outs by Pippa Dyrlaga

For some, a blank sheet of paper can be daunting. For a lucky few, however, the empty space provides an opportunity for endless ideas. Such is the case for British artist Pippa Dyrlaga, who specializes in the meticulous art of paper cut-outs.

Based in Yorkshire, England, Dyrlaga has practiced paper cutting and printmaking for over ten years. Each one of her intricate creations is made from a single sheet of paper, a precision knife, and hours of patient work. Before the artist puts knife to paper, she draws a loose outline of the design in pencil. Then, Dyrlaga cuts spontaneous details in the paper—working in sections to slowly build up the complexity of the image. Lastly, since everything is drawn in reverse, the artist flips over the cut-out to reveal the “clean” side of the finished artwork.

To find inspiration for new pieces, Dyrlaga looks to the natural beauty of the English countryside. Some of her favorite motifs are plants and animals, of which she spends considerable time cutting out their many details. To Dyrlaga, the process of creation is as important as the finished pieces, which is evident in her carefully rendered images.

To keep up to date with the artist's latest creations you can follow her on Instagram.

British artist Pippa Dyrlaga crafts intricate paper cut-outs.

Pippa Dyrlaga Paper Cut Outs

Each one is completed from a single sheet of paper.

Pippa Dyrlaga Paper Cut Outs

Dyrlaga uses a precision knife to carefully cut out dozens of details into each design.

Pippa Dyrlaga Paper Cut OutsPippa Dyrlaga Paper Cut OutsPippa Dyrlaga Paper Cut OutsPippa Dyrlaga Paper Cut OutsPippa Dyrlaga Paper Cut OutsPippa Dyrlaga Paper Cut OutsPippa Dyrlaga Paper Cut OutsPippa Dyrlaga Paper Cut OutsPippa Dyrlaga Paper Cut OutsPippa Dyrlaga Paper Cut OutsPaper Cut Outs by Pippa DyrlagaPaper Cut Outs by Pippa DyrlagaPippa Dyrlaga: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Pippa Dyrlaga.

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Margherita Cole is a Contributing Writer at My Modern Met and illustrator based in Southern California. She holds a BA in Art History with a minor in Studio Art from Wofford College, and an MA in Illustration: Authorial Practice from Falmouth University in the UK. She wrote and illustrated an instructional art book about how to draw cartoons titled 'Cartooning Made Easy: Circle, Triangle, Square' that was published by Walter Foster in 2022.
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