Futuristic Underwater Hotel Will Use Profits to Protect Coral Reefs

Based in Key West, Florida, Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel has a unique approach to luxury accommodation. Guests of this hotel can literally experience a night sleeping with the fishes in underwater guest rooms that offer panoramic views of a thriving aquatic environment. This submerged community is what the Underwater Hotel strives to maintain, with a mission to bring ecological hospitality into the limelight. The main goal of the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is to implement a system of “coral reef restoration and aquaculture solutions/technologies” with the funding that is created through their luxury accommodation.

The proposed structure of the hotel is made with walls of thick, double-welded steel combined with sheets of clear acrylic, and an on-site assembly process that has been compared to the construction of a space station. The hotel will be classed as a vessel, which means that the completed pods will be able to be moved through the use electromechanical propulsion, in case of a natural disaster. Guests will have access to 18′ x 12′ underwater guest rooms, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, including world class views of aquatic life and the ocean floor.

As the “World's first fully self-contained affordable mini-luxury underwater hotel,” it is exciting to see how construction of this project develops in the future. Adventure seekers can enter to win a free night in the hotel directly through the hotel's website.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel: Website
via: [GizmagTrendHunterInhabitat]

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