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Psychedelic Animal Sculptures (12 pieces)

I wouldn’t recommend viewing AJ Fosik’s work while under the influence of psychedelic drugs. The Philadelphia-based artist hand-makes intricate wood animal sculptures which feature symmetrical and rhythmic patterns that will surely trip you out. What amazes me about Fosik’s work is the limited amount of tools he uses, which only includes wood, paint, and nails. “I really made a point of ditching the computer all together and focused on doing everything by hand and my current work partially grew out of that struggle or opposition to working digitally,” says Fosik. “Recently I have started using the computer again but my approach to using it now is almost a complete 180 from what it was. The computer in my shop now functions as little more than another power tool for me. It’s really just another tool in the shop to manipulate the medium I work in instead of being the medium. ”

AJ Fosik Interview excerpt by Alex Lukas of Fecal Face.

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