Refrigerators Around the World

Documentarian, fine art and architectural photographer Stephanie de Rouge gives us an incredibly interesting look at what's In Your Fridge. Comprised of photos of people and the food in their refrigerators (similar in idea to What the World Eats), the series will make you think twice about what your food says about you.

With her focus on Paris and New York, de Rouge shares, ” I put on my journalist boots and my sociologist glasses and I stepped out with three questions in mind: What do fridges murmur about the food choices of city dwellers? Can we read a culture by looking at a shelf in their refrigerators? Does the non-stop rhythm of the cities induce new food behaviors?”

De Rouge hopes to extend the project to 19 other mega cities around the world, giving us a rare look into our metropolises. Interestingly, she shares that some people actually denied her access to their fridge, making her wonder if the fridge could be the mirror of the soul.

Should she come to your hometown, would you let her take a photo of your fridge?

Stphanie de Roug's website
via [La Lettre]

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