Outdoor Geometric Structure is the World’s First Hanging Zome

Using mathematical formulas and patterns, structural engineer Richie Duncan invented the Kodama Zome, which is the world's first hanging zome. A zome is a building or structure that features unusual geometric properties, combining aspects of a dome with the shapes of a polygon known as a zonohedron. Traditionally, zomes around the world are located on the ground, but Kodama Zomes are similar to hammocks in that they are a hanging private space. These structures can be hung from trees or stands, which allows them to suspend freely above the ground or even above water. 

Each Kodama Zome is custom built by a team in Oregon and the first hanging zome was recently introduced. This outdoor vessel can be used not only for relaxation, but also for yoga or for hanging out with friends in nature. Another unique fact about this zome is that it was appropriately named after Kodama, which are tree spirits that can be found in Japanese folklore.

Kodama Zome Website
via [Contemportist]

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