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Siblings Recreate Childhood Photos as a Gift for Their Parents

San Francisco-based Redditor RUSirius7 and her two brothers started the new year by gifting their parents with a calendar full of childhood photos of the trio along with new recreations as 20-something-year-old adults. The past and present are juxtaposed next to each other, giving the siblings an opportunity to remind their mother and father of precious moments from the 80s and 90s while putting a smile on their faces in the new millennium.

Sharing the images through an Imgur album simply titled Photo recreation project, the OP explains the effort that went into recreating the photos. While it was a fun project to collaborate on with her brothers, it was a nostalgic task that required expert thrift shopping. Trying to match the outfits up as best as possible, she says, “My mom did (and still does) shop at Old Navy and the Gap. So, there were a lot of striped shirts in my brothers' childhoods. I found a lot of clothes at thrift stores. Had a hard time finding the striped shirts until I thought to go to Old Navy!”

via [22 Words]

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