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Impressive Multi-Deck Raft Features a Fully-Functional Sauna

In 2012, a group of friends in Joensuu, Finland built a not-so-ordinary raft. The eclectic-looking boat has some unexpected amenities, one of which is a fully-functional sauna. It’s the product of a DIY project that’s known in Finnish as a Saunalautta, and it is an ingenious way to spend a day on the water. Passengers can dive off the multi-deck tower, enjoy a refreshing dip in the lake, and afterwards relax in the conveniently-located spa feature.

The builders of Saunalautta don’t want keep it all for themselves. It’s available for rent, so you too can lounge in a hammock and grill on the second-storey roof. Maybe you just want to take in the sunshine, or you’re feeling more adventurous and want to splash around in the water. Regardless, this raft has something for everyone, and it’s perfect for the warm summer days ahead.

Saunalautta Facebook page
via [Twisted Sifter]

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