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Artist Paints Stunning Murals of Women in Water All While On a Paddle Board

While creating a realistic-style portrait is impressive in its own right, Sean Yoro takes this practice a step further. He paints hyperrealistic murals of women all while floating on water! The New York City-based artist, who goes by Hula, produces these gorgeous works from his paddle board. He’s seen bobbing along the current, one hand steadying himself as he adds fine details and decorative tattoos to the ladies’ skin.

Hula paints his subjects at the water’s edge on unassuming concrete walls. Part of their heads and shoulders are shown, but the rest of them seemingly exists below sea level. It’s as if these larger-than-life women are taking a leisurely dip. Their placement also has a mirroring effect and allows their portraits to extend beyond the wall. On the water, they appear in an opposing style – fractured and abstract.

Hula grew up on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and spent a lot of time on the water. Besides his fantastic murals, he also paints these same type of portraits on surfboards. Check them out on his Instagram.

Hula website
via [Street Art News and Colossal]

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