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Shocking Illusion Wall Art

How creepy yet cool are these? Legendary street artist Dan Witz, who Met member Inka Leoni wrote about back in February 2010, recently collaborated with Blik to come up with three shocking “grate” graphics: What the %$#@? Michael, What the %$#@? Goat and What the %$#@? Taz. Released today, these graphics combine the visual deception of trompe-l'oeil and photorealistic painting techniques to create conceptual visual pranks.

This type of illusion wall art is new to Blik, which is usually known more for their retro video game graphics or nature-inspired decals.

Describing his philosophy behind his body of work, Witz explains, “I'm trying to exploit our collective tendency towards sleepwalking by inserting outrageous things right out there in plain view that are also practically invisible. My goal is to make obvious in your face art that 99% of the people who walk by won't notice. Eventually when they stumble upon one or find out about it, I'm hoping they'll start wondering what else they've been missing.”

“Dan Witz is clever. It was his sense of humor and the fact that he doesn't take himself too seriously that drew us to him,” said Scott Flora, Blik co-owner. “He defines and challenges what it means to be a street artist with his mix of humor and shocking material. We liked that he looked at street art from a different perspective, much in the same way of how Blik construes what constitutes fine art.”

Someone free Taz!

You can find these clever decals and more over at Blik.

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