Sony’s Wearable Air Conditioner Is Now Available to Purchase in Japan

Sony Reon Pocket Personal Air Conditioning Unit

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Sony has finally released its personal cooling system, just in time for the summer. Though the Reon Pocket was intended to help consumers stay cool during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (which has now been postponed due to the global pandemic), this tiny device can still come in handy and work for anyone who needs a break from the heat.

The slim device slips into the pocket of a specially designed t-shirt. Sitting just below the nape of the user's neck, Reon Pocket connects to an app that regulates its temperature. There are several settings to choose from in order to get just the right amount of cooling or heating. Users can operate the device manually and select between four temperature settings or they can program My Mode and adjust the device to work on a warm/cool cycle at different intervals.

Even though it has many interesting features, perhaps the most ingenious aspect of the Reon Pocket is Auto Mode. Here, users take full advantage of the technology by using sensors to adjust the temperature according to their activity. So, for instance, the device will become increasingly cool as the user moves from being stationary to walking down the street. And the maximum level of coolness is reached once the user stands still again after they finish the walk.

Reon Pocket is also smart enough to work even if the user doesn't have the t-shirt on hand. Its quick launch function means that it can be activated by simply pressing a button on the device. This allows it to be used on any part of the body that might need to get cool or warm.

Right now Reon Pocket is available exclusively in Japan at Sony stores and select retailers. It can also be purchased online via Amazon for ¥18,900 ($175).

Reon Pocket is a personal AC unit that responds to your body's temperature.

Sony Reon Pocket Personal Air Conditioning Unit

It has the ability to keep you cool or warm you up, depending on the situation.

Sony Reon Pocket Personal Air Conditioning Unit

Learn more about this Sony product, which is available in Japan.

h/t: [Gizmodo]

All images via Sony.

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