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Simple Razor Blades Form Mesmerizing Patterns

In this mesmerizing artwork, Virginia-based artist Susan Noyes transforms single, sharp razor blades into exciting collections of geometric patterns and designs. With great patience and precision, the artist meticulously places each blade to fill her canvases with variations of black and white triangles, diamonds, and squares.

To create one of these unique pieces, Noyes sets herself up with a variety of blades and some graph paper, and she plays around with the shapes until something inspires a larger composition. Once an idea is sparked, the artist creates a small pattern on the graph paper as a reference point, and then produces the larger, grid-like final products by gluing blades onto stretched canvas in repetitive columns and rows.

The artist says, “The act of creating my artwork is obsessive. Repetition, as metaphor, is vital in the process. The interaction between positive and negative space, surface, texture, pattern, and design, are all aspects in my work. I strive to change the context of ordinary objects by presenting them in a new way.”

Susan Noyes' website
via [Junk-Culture]

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