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Beautiful Splendor of Nature Comes to Life in Surreal Illustrations

svabhu kohli nature illustration

Indian artist Svabhu Kohli‘s stylized illustrations of flora and fauna offer a dreamy glimpse into the artist's love of nature and imaginative approach to art. Each enchanting work of art combines bright colors, bold graphics, and intricate designs to capture the beauty and splendor of the natural world.

With a tremendous amount of detail and a focus on visual storytelling, each magical, multilayered work of art showcases a unique scene straight from the artist's imagination. Kohli's illustrations are equally inspired by nature and by fantasy, presenting a unique twist on traditional landscapes and studies of wildlife. In one particularly ornate piece, a family of whales frolics below a mystical waterfall as sparkling constellations dot the night sky. In another, a glowing giant squid lurks in a luminous lagoon framed by a canopy of plants.

Rendered both by hand and through digital programs, the pieces that comprise Kohli's captivating portfolio demonstrate his array of artistic abilities and his versatile approach to his craft—and people have taken notice. In addition to personal projects and prints, Kohli is often commissioned for album covers, book illustrations, theatrical posters, and even stage backdrops.

svabhu kohli nature illustration

svabhu kohli nature illustration

svabhu kohli nature illustration

svabhu kohli nature illustration

Svabhu Kohli: Behance | Instagram | Facebook
h/t: [Brown Paper Bag]

All images via Svabhu Kohli.

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