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September 13, 2022

One Embroidered Red Dress Is Made by 343 Artists From the Around the World Over the Course of 13 Years

A 13-year project has finally come to a close, culminating in a stunning garment unlike any other. The Red Dress is a project conceived by British artist Kirstie Macleod that explores identity, culture, and tradition through textiles and embroidery. After passing through the hands of 343 embroiders across 46 countries, the final piece was assembled into a lovingly made and intricately designed floor-length gown.

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June 20, 2022

Ukrainian Artist Reimagines Her Unconventional Embroideries in Light of Russian Invasion

Sometimes, embroidery is the vehicle of a larger artistic message. This is the case for Ukrainian artist Diana Yevtukh, whose stitched works span hollow spaces in the environment. Yevtukh places embroidered flowers and birds in notches of trees and rusting pieces of metal, conforming the thread to these areas. They make the otherwise ordinary surroundings come alive while adding to the overall meaning of the piece.

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April 26, 2022

Designer Spends Over 190 Hours Embellishing Dress With a Fairy Tale Landscape

French designer Sylvie Facon creates custom-made dresses that are fit for a fairytale. Her specialty practice involves embellishing delicate silk gowns with embroidery, beading, and even painting. One of her most recent creations features a romantic depiction of a bucolic, European landscape framed by a leafy border. The finished piece required over 190 hours of meticulous work.

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April 4, 2022

Anatomical Embroideries Offer a Dazzling Look at the Human Body Beneath the Skin

A needle and thread do well depicting the anatomy of the human body. After all, one type of medical procedure literally involves stitching the body back together. Artist Amber Griffiths, aka Ambroidering, crafts portraits that reveal what’s beneath the skin, and she uses these embroidery tools to convey muscle groups, nerves, and more. Often, she’ll incorporate beading in the piece, whether that’s in recreating strands of golden hair or blue veins.

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