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September 21, 2019

Vintage-Inspired Embroidered Jewelry Captures the Lovely Magic of Nature

Russian textile artist Nadia Garutt crafts nature-inspired embroidered jewelry that pays homage to vintage accessories. Her handmade brooches, pendants, and embroidery hoops are reminiscent of Victorian-era trinkets, designed to be worn and treasured over generations. Each stitched piece is inspired by flora and fauna, showcasing the beauty of the natural world in colorful thread. From forest fungi to beautiful blooms, Garutt’s ever-growing portfolio celebrates Mother Nature’s diversity.

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August 21, 2019

Brilliant Bead Embroidery Turns Earth’s Beautiful Animals into Dazzling 3D Stitches

London-based textile artist Laura Baverstock crafts bespoke embroideries that both honor and push the boundaries of the ancient craft. We often think of embroidery as consisting of only thread, but the designs can be completed with other elements, too. Baverstock creates three-dimensional winged insects, big cats, and marine life using a combination of fibers and most dazzlingly, metal beads.

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August 2, 2019

These Crafty Cakes Look Like They’re Covered in Elaborate Embroidered Patterns

For years, self-described “flour child” Leslie Vigil has wowed us with her beautiful, blossoming buttercream cakes. On top of magically transforming frosting into flowers, however, the seasoned cake artist boasts another skill: she can craft elaborate embroidered designs out of nothing but piped icing. In her colorful collection of Tapestry Cakes, Vigil covers ordinary sheet cakes in sugary sweet “stitches.

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May 9, 2019

Interview: Artist Gives Discarded Household Objects New Life with Cross-Stitch Coverings

From vintage typewriters to old sewing machines, many household objects of the past have their own unique charm that makes them irresistible to antique collectors. Sweden-based artist Ulla Stina-Wikander is one of many vintage aficionados, but she doesn’t just collect old items—she turns them into art. The talented artist gives outdated technology, furniture, and tools a new lease on life by covering them with colorful cross-stitch embroidery designs.

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