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Adorable Fluffy-Eared Rabbit Looks Like a Living Doll

Every superstar has a past, even one as cute as Wally, an Instagram-famous Angora rabbit. Known for his signature short haircut—with the exception of long ear fur that twirls like streamers—the Massachusetts-based bunny and his human Molly delight their fans with adorable photos and witty commentary. Wally wasn’t always so dapper, though, and Molly recently shared a picture of him pre “snippies” (haircut) in a state she describes as a baby yak.

“I tried so hard to learn to brush him,” she lamented on Instagram, “but he became so anxious that he couldn’t tolerate grooming sessions for more than a few minutes. Look at that gnarly puff!” She knew something had to be done, and that’s when his now-iconic look was born.

Since trimming his hair, Wally explores domains both outdoors and indoors, dividing his time between adventures—like bike riding—and lounging in the comfort of his home with Molly. Check out some of our favorite Wally moments, below.

Above photo credit: Nicole Chaput Photography

Here’s what Wally looked like, pre snippies:

Once groomed, he’s the epitome of a bunny model.

Wally and Molly: Instagram

via [The Dodo]

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