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Stunning Photos Taken in a Hut Atop Mount Fuji

For five months a year across four years, Japanese artist Yu Yamauchi lived 10,000 feet above sea level in a hut located at the top of Mount Fuji. Considered one of the most sacred mountains in the country, Mount Fuji has a great influence on Japanese history and culture. In a process that he considered a spiritual account of the morning sunshine, every day, the self-taught photographer would rise and capture the stunning views from his isolated, awe-inspiring vantage point. The results are this series, entitled Dawn, in which Yamauchi transports his viewers into otherworldly places.

Taken from the same location, each image represents the ever-changing atmosphere of our planet. Rich, vibrant colors streak across the sky, as piercing rays of sunshine and mounds of puffy clouds fill the frame. Providing us with a rare opportunity to reflect on our planet from an unusual perspective, Yamauchi reminds his viewers that our world is just a small part of a vast and infinite universe.

Yu Yamauchi's website
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