Stunning Metal Sculptures Recreate the Fluid Forms of Splashing Water

Abstract Silver Sculptures by Zheng Lu

The word sculpture typically evokes a static figure that is suspended in time. Beijing-based artist Zheng Lu, however, finds a way to convey not only movement but also changeability. His series of metal sculptures mimic the splashing of water, taking on the amorphous shapes of liquid as it splatters in different directions.

Ranging from a small scale to human-sized, and sometimes even larger, these pieces are striking to look at. Each one is crafted from stainless steel that has been cast to resemble water that is mid-splash. “The process of forming a work is like a complete set of ruminating processes, which is the rumination of humans and machines,” Zheng says. “The result is like a living body, a marriage of organisms and machines, and the result of the nesting of inorganic and organic substances.”

Many of these works feature a shiny, reflective finish that adds to the viscous appearance of these sculptures. Others, however, possess a textured surface, covered with thousands of Chinese characters Zheng picked out from historical texts and poems, which cover philosophies about the natural world. The combination of the hard metallic medium with the freeform shapes it takes makes these sculptures awe-inspiring to behold.

Scroll down to see more sculptures by Zheng and keep up to date with his latest projects and upcoming exhibitions by following the artist on Instagram.

Beijing-based artist Zheng Lu creates stunning metal sculptures that look like splashing water.

Abstract Silver Sculptures by Zheng Lu

He “freezes” the liquid forms in an array of different shapes.

Abstract Silver Sculptures by Zheng Lu Abstract Silver Sculptures by Zheng Lu

Some of these works feature a polished, reflective surface reminiscent of the glimmer of water.

Abstract Silver Sculptures by Zheng Lu Abstract Silver Sculptures by Zheng Lu

Others are covered in etchings of Chinese characters Zheng found in historical texts and poems.

Abstract Silver Sculptures by Zheng Lu Abstract Silver Sculptures by Zheng Lu

Zheng Lu: Website | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Zheng Lu.

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