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Nation’s Zoos Battle It Out With Adorable Animal Photos in #CuteAnimalTweetOff

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In light of current affairs and not-so-nice news stories, America's zoos and aquariums have graced Twitter with a picture-perfect remedy: a cute animal tweet off. Competing over whose animals are cutest, the organizations have flooded social media with much-needed photos of lovable animals.

The adorable argument erupted after reporter Pete Muntean gushed over the Smithsonian National Zoo's newest seal pup in a too-cute tweet.

Virginia-based radio host and all-around animal lover Sarah Hill retweeted the picture and challenged the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Life Center to post an equally—if not more—adorable photo.

The aquarium happily complied, and responded with an image of an otter and an osprey combo. Much to Twitter's amusement, the two institutions continued to share images of their favorite furry (and scaly) friends, including a sweet baby orangutan and a teeny-tiny turtle.

As if the excellent exchange wasn't already too good to be true, more and more organizations entered the captivating competition, sharing their own snaps and proving that social media truly was made for adorable animal photos.

Unlike other post-inauguration feuds that have been popping up all over Twitter, this delightful duel has brought people together through its celebration of cute and cuddly creatures.

h/t: [Mashable]

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