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Railway Carriage Sculpture Bursts Through Church Floor

Hungarian artist Zsuzsi Csiszer's installation titled tjrs, which translates as Passage, features half of a train car bursting through the floor in the Templespace of Museum Kiscell. The site-specific work brings many thoughts and questions to mind due to its large scale and unusual location within an 18th century temple hall. The life-size sculptural installation leads one to believe that the carriage has inexplicably crashed into the ground.

Like Ivan Puig's sinking Volkswagen Sedan, the locomotive in this piece appears to be caught in time amidst a catastrophic downward propulsion, though there is no real evidence to prove this. The artist challenges the viewer's preconceived notions about what has happened or is happing in this frozen scene by asking, “What if reality and art, either separately or together, are not so obvious and the simple explanation of catastrophe does not work. For example, it is rather a miracle and not a catastrophe. What if we have a look at the railway carriage sticking out of the ground from a different point of view. As if it was something growing out of the ground.”

Csiszer Zsuzsi website
via [My Amp Goes to 11]

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