Incredible Photography by the Invisible Wildlife Photographer

They say the the most difficult subjects to photograph are children and animals. Perhaps it can be a bit of a struggle to wrangle kids and household pets down for a picture, but capturing a stunning moment of an animal in its natural habitat is in its own league of difficulty. Somehow, 27-year-old Hungarian photographer Bence Mt has mastered this time-consuming art of wildlife photography, producing up-close visuals of some of the most animated creatures around.

While the photographer tends to focus on birds in action, there are certainly striking still shots of the feathered creatures, in addition to other groups of wildlife in the animal kingdom. He manages to capture intimate photos of animals moving freely in nature while retaining an appealing composition. What’s the secret to Mt’s expertise timing and composition? The young photographer attributes it all to acute planning and patience with a dash of good luck.

Ultimately, he says that one must have an idea of what they expect to capture. Only then can you truly compose a shot, as though it were set up in a studio. Of course, this isn’t to say that it’s as simple as thinking of it and automatically getting it. He admits, “Indeed, I have crouched for hours, days, weeks, sometimes even months waiting for fortune to shine.” His strenuous efforts pay off in the end. They don’t call him “the invisible wildlife photographer” for nothing!

Bence Mt website
via [Telegraph]

January 24, 2017

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January 24, 2017

New Intricately Detailed Tiny Animal Embroideries Made With Meticulous Stitching

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