Bentley Continental Supersports – Fastest, Greenest, Most Powerful

Bentley will introduce its fastest, greenest, and most powerful model at the Geneva Motor Show, which starts in a couple days. The first FlexFuel model can run on either petrol or biofuel – or a combination of both. Plans have been set to have all of their models compatible with renewable fuels by 2012. The Continental Supersports produces 621hp, accelerates to 60mph in 3.7 ridiculous seconds, and boasts a top speed of 204mph. Under the hood sits a six-liter, twin-turbocharged W12 engine with a revised “Quickshift” six-speed transmission that cuts the shift time by 50 per cent and enables double downshifts. Its carbon ceramic brakes are the largest and most powerful ever fitted to a production car. With its release set for autumn, prices are expected to be around 150,000 ($210,000). By getting a measly 11.5mpg on the EU Urban cycle, the car isn't necessarily all that eco-friendly, but it's definitely a step in the right direction for the luxury sportscar maker.

via telegraph and driveblog.

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