Retro-Looking RV Is a Lightweight Self-Propelling Trailer for Greener Glamping

An SUV is towing an aluminum RV trailer, Bowlus Rivet, in the mountains

These days, cities are teeming with people, lights, and sounds, making it easy to feel completely cut off from the natural world. Folks are eager to get back to nature, albeit with modern-day conveniences. At the same time, RVs require more fuel and produce more emissions than sustainability-minded campers prefer. That's where the Bowlus Rivet comes in. The Bowlus Rivet is a luxury camper that pairs an aeronautic-inspired design with green technology to create an RV that makes glamping easier than ever before.

In the 1930s, aerospace engineer Hawley Bowlus designed the Road Chief, which became the inspiration for the Airstream. Featuring a Streamline Moderne aesthetic, the aerodynamic trailers made camping more appealing to Depression-era Americans. Eighty years later, Road Chiefs have become collector's items and entrepreneur Geneva Long was inspired to resuscitate the Bowlus brand name. Today's iteration of the Bowlus brand is once again using forward-thinking design for a luxury RV that is both more sophisticated-looking and sustainable than its competition.

The average 25-foot RV weighs at least 6,000 pounds. Only a few models of trucks have enough towing capacity for them. However, the 25.3-foot Rivet weighs only 2,800 pounds, partly thanks to its aircraft-inspired aluminum monocoque design. Its light weight paired with its low center of gravity allow a much wider range of autos to tow the RV. Even electric vehicles (EVs) can tow the Rivet, reducing the chance that buyers will need another car when they purchase it. Conveniently, the Rivet is   capable of self-propulsion and has a battery that can provide over 8 kilowatt-hours.

Bowlus also features AeroSolar™ panels, which provide solar power to the battery, meaning one could live off-grid indefinitely in a Rivet. With this power, campers can charge their EV or just live off-grid while still having access to WiFi and temperature control. There's no need for campers to bring an extra generator in order to enjoy modern-day amenities. The self-propelling technology, referred to as AeroMove™ makes the Rivet simple to drive up steep slopes or turn around 360° so that even casual glampers can enjoy hard-to-reach campsites.

Inside the Rivet, its sleek design allows for a king-sized bed in the main bedroom, as well as seating areas that convert to two extra twin beds, leaving room for the entire family. The sleek onyx and wood design are Instagram-ready for those who want to come back to stylish comfort after a long day exploring the great outdoors.

The Bowlus Rivet is now available for pre-order starting at $148,500 through its website.

The Bowlus Rivet is a camping trailer for sustainably-minded people who also like a little luxury.

A SUV is parked next to a Bowlus Rivet in the mountains with a sunrise in background

It combines a slick exterior with cutting-edge technology to provide a greener glamping experience.

Interior of Bowlus Rivet

Self-propelled with AeroMove™, the Rivet is easier to drive up steep slopes and parallel park.

Exterior side view of Rivet on a mountainside

Interior of Bowlus Rivet bedroom

Aerodynamic and eco-friendly, the Bowlus Rivet is priced at $148,500.

Image Bowlus Rivet wheel

Bowlus: Website | Facebook| Instagram
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All images via Bowlus. 

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