Observe Wild Elephants Herds at This Stunning African Villa

Tucked away in Lower Zambezi lies a luxury vacation home with incredible views of the African landscape. The Chongwe River House is a stunning villa that allows its guests a place to relax, or be a welcome spot to retire after a long day of sightseeing. During their stay, visitors can enjoy a number of activities including guided tours, canoe and boat rentals, and exotic safaris.

One of the best features of the house is the proximity to water. It stands along the base of the Chongwe river, and overlooks the Zambezi river as well. A lot of animals drink and lounge next to these waterways, and it's ideal for observation. Wild elephant herds are often seen roaming along the banks and taking a dip. With this idyllic setting in the foreground, guests also admire the dramatic mountain views that lie in the distance.

The Chongwe River House is a four bedroom home that has enough space to comfortably accommodate eight people. Bringing nature indoors, it's built using materials from the Lower Zambezi National Park and outfitted to complement the surrounding landscape. The furniture in the sitting room was carved from a single fallen winterthorn tree and colored pebbles decorate the ceilings. Whether visitors choose to dine inside or imbibe drinks on the deck, they are sure to enjoy this dream home.

Chongwe River House website
via [Beautiful Life]

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