Imaginative Photographer Takes His "Gigantic" Dog on Extraordinary Adventures

Photographer Christopher Cline and his Goldendoodle Juji (pronounced Joo-ji) are a match made in Photoshop heaven. After moving from Virginia to Minnesota a few years ago, the artist was feeling homesick and “sliding into a sad place in life.” Then, his girlfriend Christine brought home Juji. “I wasn’t exactly open to getting a dog,” Cline told Mrs. Sizzle, “but I immediately fell in love with him. He has turned my life completely around and we are now absolutely inseparable. I have found a new outlook on life and in my artwork and I owe it all to him.”

After Juji came into his life, Cline began expressing himself through Photoshop. He’d take photos of himself and Juji and later alter them to make it look as though his canine pal was a giant. “I just wanted to share a little of our adventures together,” Cline explains, adding that he wants his edits to have a “kids’ book feel.” Whether they’re lounging on the couch or taking on outdoor adventures, both Juji and his human seem to have a ton of fun together–no matter what their size!

Just in case you’re wondering what these two look like without Photoshop:

Christopher Cline: Facebook | Instagram
via [Mrs. Sizzle, The Pet Matchmaker]

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November 29, 2016

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