Clever Wine Bottles Inspired by Mondrian and The Simpsons


The playful, minimalist wine bottle design project, Wine, or maybe not?, will bring a smile to your face. Inspired by the style of famous Dutch painter Pieter Mondrian, the collaborative project was developed by Russian artist Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich in 1987, the same year The Simpsons first aired on The Tracey Ullman Show. And, the contents of the bottle have remained a mystery ever since.

Bold blocks of color perfectly align to suggest the outfits of Marge and Homer Simpson through color and form. But the rest of the project is a bit of a mystery. Exactly what is inside the bottles remains unclear. The artists explain: “May be it is wine, may be not. We are inviting you to find out yourselves.” The description on the back of the bottle goes on to state, “While the ingredients remain the same, their proportions differ from time to time. That is why you will never get bored from this drink! We can assure you that you will not be left disappointed.”

Whether it is actually a product or simply a conceptual project, the inventive packaging idea definitely draws attention to whatever sits inside. It is visually striking and certainly mimics the grid-like, bold blocks of color that were the signature style of Mondrian.

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Constantin Bolimond on Behance
via [Juxtapoz]

January 23, 2017

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