Inspirational Two-Legged Dog Runs Joyously at the Beach

It’s almost impossible to look at these images of an adorable, two-legged boxer and not feel touched. Panda Paws Rescue, a special needs canine rescue, recently uploaded a video of the dog Duncan Lou Who having the time of his life on his first trip to the beach. Despite only having two front legs, the spunky pooch is filmed sprinting across the sand, playing with the rescue workers and other dogs, and splashing around in water with obvious delight.

It’s incredibly uplifting to see this inspirational dog living his life to the fullest, especially after knowing his back story. Duncan was born with severely deformed rear legs that had to be amputated. He was given a customized doggie wheelchair, but hated using it, so the rescue workers now let him run free on his two legs. As can be seen from the video, Duncan doesn’t let his disability hinder him at all. Instead, he approaches everything with a lively and upbeat attitude–a reminder of the joy and wonder of living.

Panda Paws Rescue Website
via [Viral Nova]

December 7, 2016

Beautiful Vintage Light Bulbs Feature Luminous Floral Filaments

LED light bulbs are all the rage nowadays, but you can’t beat the timeless beauty of vintage filaments. Between the late 1930s and into the 1970s, the Aerolux Light Corporation produced novelty bulbs with tiny sculptures inside. These decorative filaments take the shapes of flowers and birds which are electrically illuminated in a variety of vibrant colors. To construct these bulbs, Aerolux used low-pressure gas in their filaments—either neon, argon, or both.

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December 6, 2016

Over 25,000 Paper Flowers Transform Room Into Colorful Art Experience

More than 25,000 colorful paper flowers spiral around a 6-meter atrium at the shopping mall of Omotesando in Tokyo. The visually stimulating scene is part of Emmanuelle Moureaux‘s newest installation, Color Mixing. The French-born, Tokyo-based architect created the vibrant work as part of NSK’s 100th anniversary exhibition, Setting the Future in Motion. NSK is a leading manufacturer of bearings, and the artist made good use of their capabilities in her work.

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