Futuristic Adastra Superyacht

The Adastra Superyacht is quite a sight to behold. Designed by John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs, the Adastra looks more like a spaceship from another planet rather than a normal yacht. Despite the futuristic exterior, the interior is lavish and very contemporary. The Adastra has multiple living quarters and common areas and can hold up to nine passengers and six crew members on one of its decks. It also comes with remarkable panoramic viewing windows so that passengers can get a full view of the ocean around them.

This sea beast is close to 140 feet long, has a top speed of 25 mph (22 knots) and a cruising speed of about 20 mph (17 knots). Incredibly, the design alone took five years which included rough session of mock-ups and discussions about the owners specifications. Given everything that has gone into creating this, I don't even want to know the cost (nor could I find it).

John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs website

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