Foldable Transparent Carport Protects and Shows Off Prized Vehicles

For those who want the protection of a garage but can't accommodate one, the GazeBox offers a fantastic solution. It's a foldable carport that's made with special anti-UV polycarbonate panels to guard against the elements like the sun, hail, and rain. But, that doesn't mean that a proud owner can't show off their prized possession. The GazeBox's clever design allows easily puts a motorcycle or car on display thanks to its high level of transparency.

The carport is also easy to use, boasting a quick installation and anchorage in the ground. It offers a lot of special add-ons, including the ability to be remote controlled. Owners can even customize the color and patterning of its powdered, painted, and protected framework. In addition, features like LED lighting, air conditioning, and a theft alarm are available, ensuring that the GazeBox will complement the look and needs of any home.

When the car or motorcycle is away, the GazeBox has the added function of an open or enclosed lounging space. It can open on both sides, doubling as a gazebo or shelter that's perfect for dining outside.

GazeBox: Website
via [Freshome]

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