H&M’s Surreal Projection Mapping

A little present arrived in my inbox this morning from MUSE, the digital agency who helped Samsung bring their 3D LED TV's to life. (Watch it if you haven't seen it already, it's still one of our all-time faves.) This time, they worked with H&M.

Over the course of three days – November 22-24th, and for over 3 minutes each time, guests enjoyed a surreal fairytale. It all starts off with a red ribbon which unwraps around the building. The building then magically transformed in front of our very eyes into a colorful dollhouse. I love how you can't wait for the next effect and how much detail went into each part of the story. What a way to start the holidays! Credits: Concept: Sander Ejlenberg, Liat Azulay Art director: Phila Beroud Designer: Elano Collao do Monte Teixeira Account: Julien Rappy, Michael Littaur Project management: Wouter Donkers, Machiel van der Heijden MUSE

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