See-Through Toaster Can Help Save Your Bread Before It Burns

Designer James Stumpf has reimagined a standard kitchen appliance as something that's both unconventional and beautiful. His updated concept transforms the everyday toaster from a plain metal box into a sleek and transparent, bent-bamboo structure. The device cleverly uses quick-cooling coils embedded within glass toasting trays, allowing you to watch your bread brown to perfection–or save it before it burns.

Stumpf has stripped his toaster of one of its most distinguishing features: the pop up mechanism. Calling that attribute "bizarre," he replaces it with wide, easy-access slots. A digital touch screen tells the user when it's time to grab their food.

In addition to its striking design, Stumpf has also imagined this as a sustainable product. Bamboo and glass are both eco-friendly materials, and it uses minimal metal while avoiding plastics all together.

James Stumpf: Website

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