Whimsical Popcorn Machine Resembles a Minimalist Sculpture

The Popcorn Monsoon is probably unlike any popcorn-popping machine that you've seen before. Jolene Carlier designed this appliance to look fun and whimsical as well as functional. She thought that the popping process was a dull experience and wanted to make it more exciting by using this unconventional construction. The result is a unique invention that at first glance, could be a minimalist sculpture. It's only later that you realize the long, curved tube allows you to see the popcorn-popping action.

Using the Popcorn Monsoon is easy. To start, you uncork the small side tube and pour the kernels into the large, bright-yellow base. Flip the metal switch and wait for the seeds to heat up. As they pop, they travel through the transparent chute and to the other end. It's entertaining to watch the popcorn pile up and slide into the other basket, which yields the perfect amount for enjoying. Watch the short video below to see it in action!

Jolene Carlier website
Photos and video by Daantje Bons

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