Tightly Pressed Against Colorful Shrink Wrap

In his project Skindeep, French photographer Julien Palast studies the body and the human form in a very unique way. Generally an advertising and still life photographer, Palast went in a new direction with this portrait series. For each image, he wrapped male and female models in vibrant colors and gradients that created what he describes as “instant bas reliefs recalling of the classic imagery.”

The gestural lines and contours are quite prominent, and even certain facial expressions can be distinguished. By eliminating details and isolating complex shapes and curves, Palast presents the body as a sculptural object for viewers to observe. Rather than focusing on hair color, skin color, or eye color, viewers are visually encouraged to study each curve, each muscle, and each impression the models make on the wrapping. What an incredibly original way to create a portrait!

Julien Palast’s website
via [Designboom]

January 18, 2017

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