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Now here’s some math that comic book and pop culture enthusiasts around the world can understand. Italy-based graphic designer Matt Cowan has assembled a series of pictorial mathematic equations that identify superheroes and villains. Taking simple, color-reliant visuals, Cowan depicts well-known fictional characters like Superman, who is susceptible to the green jewel known as kryptonite. There are also characters like Dare Devil and Cyclops who have fallen victim to blindness as shown in the equation with the subtraction of an eyeball.

Even if you’re not an avid comic book reader or a Star Wars fanatic, it’s difficult to argue the ease with which one is able to identify certain characters. Man plus spider equals Spiderman. It’s simple mathematics. Many of these fun and nerdy “mathematical” designs are available as t-shirts through Cowan’s store mjcTees on Qstoms.



Blind characters

Fantastic 4

Justice League of America




Batman Villains

Star Wars Baddies

Star Wars Goodies

Harrison Ford characters

Johnny Depp characters

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December 10, 2016

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