Playful Pop Culture-Inspired Bookends Bring Intergalactic Fun to Your Shelf

The famed Imperial army from Star Wars has been reorganized to help display your favorite books, and Texas-based shop Moku is the mastermind behind it. The creative shop uses laser-cut technology to sculpt and assemble the likes of AT-AT walkers and the Death Star into wooden bookends. But, it doesn’t stop there—Moku also fashions Batman, the Joker, and Deadpool as other playful ways to keep texts upright.

Each bookend involves an intricate assembly to bring it to life. The AT-AT, for instance, is made out of 24 pieces that are engraved and glued together by hand. It, along with Moku’s other products, have a cork-lined bottom to keep them in place while on the shelf.

Moku sells its impressive pop-culture creations on Etsy.

Moku: Etsy | Instagram
via [Lustik]

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