Polish City Embraces Street Art

Aryz (Spain)

The Polish city of Lodz is making huge waves in the street art world. Under the patronage of Mayor Hanna Zdanowska and the Ambassador of Spain in Poland, the city is co-financing a monumental, permanent exhibition called Urban Forms Gallery.

Some of the best street artists around the world joined Poland’s elite to paint directly on the side of tenement houses in the city center. And, this is just the beginning. Within a few years, a gallery of several dozen exhibits will be created, which visitors will be able to see on foot within a few hours. The project is also going to expand with other street art objects like sculpture, installation and street jewelry.

“Street art unquestionably is one of the most powerful artistic movements in contemporary culture as well as in history of art in general,” they say on their website. I couldn’t agree more.

SatOne + Etam Crew (Poland)

Remed (France)

Chaze + Sepe (Poland)

Urban Forms Gallery website

December 2, 2016

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December 1, 2016

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