Chic Vertical Record Player Adds Contemporary Functions to Classic Device

Industrial designer Roy Harpaz is redefining the beloved record player with his creation called Toc. The modern device, whose look is reminiscent of a vintage metronome, holds vinyl discs vertically and features linear tracking to play the analog tunes.

Although Toc uses technology of generations past, it also includes contemporary enhancements. You can operate it with a remote control or LED touch buttons on the front panel. Skipping between tracks is also possible thanks to a sensor that scans the record for different songs. It's even built with special spherical bearings and allows warped, previously-unplayable vinyl to work without an issue.

The design of Toc adds a unique twist and improvements to the classic home accessory. Its front panel casing is made from CNC-cut walnut wood, and without a disc, it doesn't look like a record player, but a sculpture. Its artistic appearance allows owners to keep their devices somewhat inconspicuous among the rest of their decor.

Roy Harpaz: Website
via [designboom]

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