20+ Incredible Panoramic Photos From the 2023 EPSON International Pano Awards

Winner of the 2023 Espon Pano International Photo Awards

“The Bridge” by José D. Riquelme (Spain). 2023 Open
Photographer of the Year and Winner, Open Nature/Landscape.

Spain's José D. Riquelme was named the overall winner of the 2023 EPSON International Pano Awards for a series of stunning panoramic photographs. His photo The Bridge also topped the Open Nature/Landscape category for its breathtaking look at Iceland's landscape.

“After over a dozen visits to Iceland, exploring its majestic lands, during a rest stop, I decided to change my perspective and launch my drone,” he shared. “To my amazement, I captured this incredible image. From above, lines form a bridge extending from left to right, while on the ground, abstract shapes emerge from the flowing river water originating from the glacier.”

This unique perspective is exactly what makes panoramic photography so special. And the EPSON International Pano Awards does an excellent job of rewarding the top amateur and professional photographers in the field. Whether capturing an underwater school of fish or a well-known piece of architecture, these photographers know how to use panoramas to push their creative limits effectively.

This year's competition received 4,414 entries from photographers across 102 countries. All of the entrants vied for thousands of dollars in cash prizes, as well as top-notch equipment from the competition's sponsor, EPSON Australia.

Another big winner this year is Merche Llobera, also from Spain. Llobera was named Amateur Photographer of the Year thanks to a strong collection of underwater photography. Special awards were also given to the top-scoring aerial and smartphone panoramas. In addition, competition curator David Evans handed out a special award to Poland's Krzysztof Browko for his incredible image of a church in Slovenia popping out among the fog.

“2023 represents a diverse collection of images, demonstrating new boundaries being pushed—such as Merche Llobera's striking underwater panoramas,” says Evans. “Also notable is the strong performance of entrants from Southeast Asia and Europe this year, mirrored in the entry statistics with an increase in new entrants from those regions in particular. It's always exciting to see the competition evolve year-on-year, and without doubt, 2023 is no exception.”

See our favorite winning images from the 2023 EPSON International Pano Awards.

Fish underwater in Baja California

“All You Can Eat” by Merche Llobera (Spain). Amateur Photographer of the Year

Epson International Pano Awards 2023

“Church” by Krzysztof Browko (Poland). 6th Place, Amateur Nature/Landscape

Panorama of Disney Conert Hall in LA

“Disney Concert Hall” by Swee Choo Oh (USA). Epson Digital Art Prize

Aerial Panorama of Iceland

“Lines of Nature” by Marek Biegalski (Poland). Highest Scoring Gigapixel Image

Black and white panorama of gators in Florida

“The Gathering” by Eric Clay (USA). 4th Place, Open Nature/Landscape

Aerial photo of Liwa Desert, Abu Dhabi

“Above the Clouds” by Spencer Cox (USA). Highest Scoring Aerial Image

Award-Winning Smartphone Panorama

“Focus-I” by Chang Di (Taiwan). Highest Scoring Smartphone Image

Panoramic Landscape of Whistler, Canada

“The Black Tusk” by Tal Vardi (Canada). 9th Place, Open Nature/Landscape.

Black and white panorama of elephants at the Amboseli National Park

“The Guardian” by Paul Dunphy (Canada). 16th Place, Amateur Nature/Landscape

Black and white panorama of the Eiffel Tower

“Eiffel” by Carsten Velten (Germany). 5th Place, Amateur Built Environment

Panorama of Machu Picchu

“Mystical Inca” by Hung Chang Lin (Taiwan). Runner-up Amateur Photographer of the Year and Winner, Amateur Built Environment

Amateur and professional photographers from 102 countries entered the competition.

Panorama of dolphins leaping out of the water at the Cape Naturaliste region Southwest coast of Western Australia

“Leap out the back” by Jon Vause (Australia). The Nikon Australia Award

Panorama at Cabo Ortegal in Spain

“Cabo Ortegal” by Javier Enjuto Garcia (Spain). 4th Place, Amateur Nature/Landscape.

Panorama of House in the Netherlands at Sunset

“Zaanse Schans” by Obed García (Spain). Highest Scoring IVRPA Member

Panorama at Garajonay National Park

“Garajonay National Park” by Carlos Solinis Camalich (Spain). 6th Place, Amateur Nature/Landscape

Epson International Pano Awards 2023

“The Pinnacles” by Ian Asprey (UK). 8th Place, Amateur Nature/Landscape.

Panorama of Fisherman with Net in Vietnam

“Yellow Net 1” by Chin Leong Teo (Singapore). The RAW Planet Award

Epson International Pano Awards 2023

“Vortex of ducks” by Ky Nhan Cao (Vietnam). Runner-up, Open Photographer of the Year and Winner, Open Built Environment

Tōji Temple, Japan

“Tōji Temple, Japan” by Som Roy (Indonesia). 3rd Place, Amateur Built Environment

Panorama of cranes in China

“Tranquility” by Robert Williamson (Australia). 11th Place, Amateur Built Environment

Wreckage of Lockhed TriStar L - 1011 Underwater

“Underwater Plane Wreck of the Lockhed TriStar L-1011” by Martin Broen (USA). 2nd Place, Amateur Built Environment

Panorama looking straight up through buildings in Hong Kong

“Vertical Living” by Christiaan van Heijst (Netherlands). 29th Place, Open Built Environment.

View the full winner's gallery on the official website.

EPSON International Pano Awards: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by the EPSON International Pano Awards.

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