Stunning Shapes and Shadows on Earth That Can Only Be Seen from Above

Drone Photo of Shadows that Look Like a Skyline

Brothers JP and Mike Andrews were astonished the first time they sent their drone into the air. These initial flights revealed a world hidden in the skies, one that turned the seemingly mundane perspective at ground level into a thing of beauty when viewed from above. Inspired by what they saw, the brothers set out to travel the world and “to show how weird and wonderful the world can look from above.” With this, Abstract Aerial Art was born.

Their top-down aerial photography is distinguished by clever compositions that are the result of intense research. Almost nothing is left to chance, with the Andrews brothers often using Google Earth and other apps to virtually compose images prior to their arrival. One recent photograph, titled Skyline, shows a cargo boat gliding across open water. The shipping containers carefully stacked aboard the vessel cast delightful shadows that resemble a city skyline. It's an image the brothers had envisioned for quite some time. With a mix of research, timing, light, and good luck, they were able to get the shot they were after.

“Although the images we photograph are often hard to believe and even make some question their authenticity, each and every single one of them is of a real place on our planet,” the photographers tell My Modern Met. “Other than slight color and contrast enhancements, none of our images are manipulated in any other way. We hope this proves that there is still a whole world out there waiting to be discovered.”

When not playing with shadows, the Andrews brothers use their drone to create artful compositions out of ordinary objects. Whether focusing on the symmetry of parked cars or cement blocks used as sea barriers, their eye for pleasing arrangements allows viewers to enjoy the work even when unable to completely determine what “it” actually is.

The brothers continue to build their unbelievable portfolio and have already made quite an impression with what they've shared. This has only spurred them to further their creative vision. “The more we find, the more we believe we have only just scratched the surface!”

You can read more about their adventures with Abstract Aerial Art on their blog and purchase prints via their shop.

Brothers JP and Mike Andrews use their drone to take astonishing abstract aerial photographs.

Abstract Aerial Photography

Abstract Drone Photography

Abstract Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography of the Beach

Their aerial photos often play with shadows or natural formations that are pleasing to the eye.

Abstract Drone Photography Using Shadows

Abstract Drone Photography

Aerial Photography of the Beach

Abstract Aerial Photography

Aerial photography has opened our eyes to a whole new perspective of the planet and has literally changed our lives forever.”

Abstract Aerial Photograph of Cars

Interesting Drone Photography

Abstract Aerial Art

Abstract Aerial Art: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Abstract Aerial Art.

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