Adele Says We’ve Been Pronouncing Her Name Wrong All Along

Adele Explains How to Pronounce Her Name Correctly

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No matter how big of a fan we are of something, sometimes we still miss important pieces of information about artists or things we admire. Maybe it's an important tidbit about how they came to be, or even their place of birth or age. It can even be something much more fundamental. For Adele followers and music lovers in general, turns out we never really learned how to pronounce this amazing British singer's name correctly.

In a Q&A session with fans to celebrate the release of the music video for her song “I Drink Wine,” Adele received a question submitted via video by a fan named Annie in London, and the singer excitedly responded, “Love that. She said my name perfectly!” Given the way she pronounced it, Adele even wondered if the fan was from Enfield, the North London borough where she was born.

For the most part, people have been pronouncing her name as “Ah-dell,” but it seems that’s incorrect. So how does one pronounce Adele's name correctly? Well, the singer shared that another person had asked her how she says her name, and she told them: “I was like uh-dale, and she was like uh-dale.” Although it's a subtle difference, the key seems to be on emphasizing the second syllable.

Once that was set, she proceeded to answer the fan's question, which had to do with the songwriting and emotional process behind her latest record, 30.  She also talked about what she's been up to, plans for the future, and even her need for a hobby, given singing is also her job these days. Whatever her new endeavors are, now we know how to cheer for her the right way.

During a Q&A session, singer Adele revealed how to pronounce her name correctly. It's not “Ah-dell;” it's “Uh-dale,” with an emphasis on the second syllable. Watch the video in which a fan aces it below:

h/t: [People]

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