Mystical Photos Capture the Hidden Beauty of a Foggy Forest in Autumn

Forest with Bridge by Albert Dros

Photographer Albert Dros is known for transforming ordinary landscapes into works of art. And his recent series, shot in a foggy forest in Luxembourg, is no exception. The Dark Woods is a series of images that captures the beauty of colorful autumn leaves paired with the mystery of a light fog that rolls through the landscape.

As Dros points out, most people don't like fog and find it dreary. But for him, as a photographer, it's the perfect weather condition. “Foggy conditions in the forest make photographing forests easier,” he tells My Modern Met. “As forests tend to be very messy and not that easy to photograph, fog makes everything easier. Suddenly you can filter out trees and elements because of the layer of fog that is in between.”

Dros uses the fog to his full advantage in these photos. By using its ability to mask objects, he's able to highlight the colorful trees and leaves. The result is a splendid display of autumnal leaves and rich deep green moss growing on the trees.

By posting his work, Dros hopes that people will see that gray doesn't have to be depressing. In fact, it can actually be quite beautiful. The entire set of images is full of inspiration and will make you want to bundle up in a warm jacket, throw on your boots, and go out wandering in your nearest forest.

Albert Dros uses the weather to his advantage for a beautiful portfolio of photos set in a foggy forest.

Fallen Trees in the Forest

Colorful Leaves in the Forest by Albert Dros

Foggy Forest

Foggy Forest by Albert Dros

Orange Leaves on a Tree Against Dark Bark

He hopes that the work will make people realize the gray isn't boring, but actually quite beautiful.

Colorful Leaves in the Forest by Albert Dros

Foggy Forest

Foggy Forest by Albert Dros

Foggy Forest by Albert Dros

Abstract Photo of Trees in the Forest

Rocky Outcrop in the Forest

Albert Dros: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Albert Dros.

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